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Free Poker Coaching  

BlueFirePoker, Ivey League and CardRunners for $1,000 rake/month (No Sign Up Fee!)

DragTheBar for $500 rake/month

We want Crush Poker players to be the best online poker players, crushing the tables every day.

That's why we offer you a choice of seven poker coaching sites every 30 days, completely for free.

How Do I Ask For My Free Coaching?

It's very easy to do, simply complete form below once you have reached $500, $1,000 or $1,500 rake. 

Within 48 hours we will email you to confirm we have activated your free poker coaching account.

Each subscription lasts 30 days, except DragTheBar, which is run on a calendar month basis i.e. you receive the subscription till the end of the current month.

Once your subscription is about to expire, please simply fill out the form again and we'll activate your subscription (you can either renew your existing coaching site, or switch to another site).

Free Coaching Form:

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How Do I Set It Up My Coaching Site Username?

If you are not yet a member of the coaching site, please set up your account for free by clicking on the below link:

Ivey League Sign Up

DragTheBar Sign Up


BlueFirePoker Sign Up

CardRunners Sign Up

*For BlueFirePoker, Do I Pay The $100 Sign Up Fee?

We pay half of the sign up fee for you, when you request BlueFirePoker for the first time, we will contact you to arrange payment of only $50. All future 30 day periods are completely free if you reach $1,500 rake.